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You have an impact.

Rubey Art Security Tokens meet the needs of a new generation of art investors. They are more focused on the social impact of their investments. Now more than ever, investors are looking at the artist's message, the positive role art plays in society and how they can contribute to this.

The arrival of Carnival de Binche by James Ensor at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

JTH Rubey Artwork Arriving KMSKA 220224

Help to expand the collections of museums.

Museums often lack the resources to acquire new masterpieces. Thanks to you and other token holders, museums can expand and develop their collections. Each artwork that is tokenised on the Rubey platform comes from a private collection and is on long-term loan to a museum.

Keep art accessible.

Many important pieces of art disappear into private collections, which is a shame. Rubey is not against private ownership, but we firmly believe that investing in fine art can be so much more than just collecting valuable pieces.

Museums are playing an increasingly important role in our society. They are a meeting place for people and cultures, the present and the past, education, science and art.

With Art Security Tokens, you can create value for yourself and for society by keeping art accessible and supporting museums in their daily operations.